Discount Info

We operate on quantity discount basis. That is to say, the more you buy of something the cheaper it becomes per unit.

Most of our products are individually discounted, you have to buy 'x' amount of that one product to reach the discount levels, for example you would have to buy two Folding Lift mechanisms to receive 10% off.

However, some products can be mixed and matched to reach the discount levels. Any where you see any of the below images you can buy products within those ranges to achieve the discounts.

For example, you can buy any combination of hinges from this page to reach the discount levels. You could buy any combination of 50 hinges from the Series 200 Range and receive a 20% Discount.

As a further example, if you have a number of different size drawers in your kitchen that you want new runners for you could buy ten 300mm Push to Open Runners, and fifteen 500mm Push to Open Runners and receive 25% Discount.

Our website will work all these discounts out automatically for you in the basket, it will even tell you how much you have saved!

Example Discount Logos:

Example Discount Table:

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