Alexander and Wilks - Crispin Knurled T-bar Cupboard Knob Dual Finish

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The brand new Alexander & Wilks Dual Finish Crispin Knurled T-bar Cupboard knob is a solid brass industrial-inspired design. The practice of knurling handles was popular during Britain's industrial revolution due to its practical tactile grip. Now knurled handles have become trendy in modern country kitchens.

Available in 55mm T-bar width in the following dual finishes;

  • Dark Bronze PVD & Antique Brass
  • Polished & Satin Chrome
  • Satin Brass & Dark Bronze PVD.

Alexander and Wilks represent Britain's Finest ironmongery, the very best of British-designed architectural hardware and ironmongery. Specialising in creating hand-crafted architectural hardware using both time-honoured craftsmanship skills, combined with the very latest computer-aided manufacturing, resulting in a collection of beautiful ironmongery.

Sold in SINGLES complete with fixings.

Alexander & Wilks PVD products come with a 25-year guarantee.


Diameter - 15mm

Width - 55mm

Projection - 40mm