Salice Folding Lift Mechanisms - FL1D

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A LIFT System for two-piece upward bi-folding cabinet doors.
See PDF link for full info.
Can be used as single sided LIFT (left or right hand) or as a pair on larger/heavier doors.
Supplied complete with grey plastic trim cover.
Requires the following separate components for a complete installation:
1. Gas Lift Piston (Standard or Progressive) of suitable strength.
2. SMOVE Soft-Close buffer of appropriate size.
3. BAPGR29 Mount Plate 2mm (to attach mechanism arm to the door)
4. FLCAE9R Central Door Hinges with 2D adjustment (2 or more).
5. C2A6A99 0mm Crank Hinge (2 or more) for top of door.
6. BAPGR39 Mount Plate 3mm (2 or more) for top door.