Salice TITANIUM 110° Full Overlay Sprung Cabinet Hinge - C2A6A66

⚠️Mount Plates not included!⚠️
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This is the most common hinge found on most cupboards. It is designed for cupboards where the door fully overlays the frame of the cupboard, e.g. when the door is closed you cannot see or can only see a fraction of the cupboard frame.

Mount Plates must be ordered separately. The matching finish mount plate can be found here. If you need another type of mount plate other than the titanium one linked, please view our range here.

Pictured with hinge cover caps, sold separately and can be ordered here.

This hinge is most commonly used with a 0 or 3mm mount plate, but please consult the diagram to the left to calculate the height needed.

If you are looking to replace existing hinges or mount plates, you can always send us a photo by clicking this link.