Salice Silentia+ Series 200 Integrated Soft Close Full Overlay 0mm Crank 94° Hinge - C2ABAE9

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The Salice Silentia+ Series 200 is an integrated soft close hinge designed for thicker doors between 19-35mm thick. The new Silentia+ systems allows you to alter the soft close speed via a switch on the cup.

The hinge allows the door to soft close quietly and smoothly whilst still presenting a tidy finish with no adaptors required.

This is the most common hinge found on most cupboards. It is designed for cupboards where the door fully overlays the frame of the cupboard, e.g. when the door is closed you cannot see or can only see a fraction of the cupboard frame.

  • Full overlay hinge
  • Minimum door thickness 19mm
  • 35mm diameter cup
  • 15.5mm deep cup
  • 94 Degree opening
  • Possible drilling distance (K): 3mm - 9mm

This hinge is compatible with all screw-on and clip-on mount plates. To work out the height of the mounting plate required please consult the image below.

If you are unsure which hinge you have please forward a few photos of your hinge to