Glow+ System for Overlapping Doors

VAT included.

As these products are custom made to order please contact us if you are interested in this product.

 Salice Glow+ is a sliding system for wardrobes with 2, 3 or more overlapping doors. The system is equipped with a revolutionary magnetic damping system that decelerates the opening and closing action and delivers an extremely fluid and silent movement. This solution sets a new standard of silent and smooth sliding movement by eliminating the typical noise and resistance.

  • Max. door weight: 70kg (Optional Strengthening kit can increase this to 100kg)
  • Door thickness up to 50mm
  • Minimum gap to ceiling from top of wardrobe: 70mm
  • Height from the ground: 17mm or 33mm
  • Available in one, two, three or more doors each damped both during opening and closing

The Glow+ system is supplied in kit format, with profile and track to cut to size. There is an order form to fill to specify the correct parts required. Please contact us for details.

Current lead times are around 2 weeks from ordering.

Prices from £350 (exc. VAT) for the basic system for 2 doors. Optional extras include covers.

Delivery costs also apply.

Please use the link above to email us for a quotation.