Salice Push to Open Magnetic Release Device Catch

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The Salice Push to Open Magnetic Release Device Catch is to be used in conjunction with Push-to-Open hinges. All push to open doors using the magnetic system need one of these to hold the door and to break the magnetic field, with the middle pin.

Available in two finishes:

  • Grey - DPMSNG
  • White/Beige - DPMSNB

The catch can be directly installed into the frame via a 10mm hole, but we recommend installation using the DP82SNGR Adjustable Housing, as it allows you to adjust the positioning of the catch once installed. The catch should be positioned behind the main point of pressure used to open the door.

For doors taller than 1500mm, you will also need to order either the DPASNG Slave Magnetic Catch or the DP39 Magnetic Strike Plate, these products increase the holding strength needed for bigger doors.