Salice Smoveholder Adaptor for Diecast Mount Plates - DARX Series

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A retro-fit SMOVE Soft-Close solution for existing doors fitted with SALICE Hinges (not other makes!)
Only ONE buffer & adaptor required per door.
Consists of 2 parts: 
The 1st part is the SMOVEHOLDER Buffer which comes in 3 power strengths:
D0S7SNG - LIGHT (GREY Piston) - For lightweight doors in caravans, boats etc
D0S8SNG - MEDIUM (ORANGE Piston) - For standard doors with 2 Hinges.
D0S9SNG - STRONG (BEIGE Piston) - For tall doors with 3 or more Hinges
Has a +/- adjustment screw for onsite adjustment to the soft-close action.
The 2nd part is the  Adaptor mounting that allows the buffer to be attached to the existing cruciform mounting plate inside the carcase:
These come in 2 types and 3 heights. 
For existing DIECAST Cruciform Mounting Plates (DARX**) or for existing PRESSED STEEL Cruciform Mounting Plates with edge flange (D2VX**)
Heights are:
0mm for 0mm cranked hinges for FULL overlay doors.
5mm for 5mm cranked hinges for 1/4 overlay doors.
9mm for 9mm cranked arm hinges for 1/2 overlay doors.
17mm for 17mm cranked arm hinges for INSET doors