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Salice Diecast Euro Screw-On Mount Plates - B2RGE Series

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This version is fitted with pre-mounted Euro screws for installation on cabinets with pre-drilled 5mm diameter holes on 32mm pitch centres. Screw holes to be drilled 37mm from edge of the carcase. These plates are suitable for hinge series 200, 400, 700, F & M. Available in three effective heights: B2RGE09 - 0mm - Typically used for FULL and 1/4 Overlay applications. B2GRE39 - 3mm - Typically used for FULL 1/4 and 1/2 Overlay applications. B2GRE69 - 6mm - Typically used for INSET door applications. We supply several different models of hinge plate but would recommend our Quality Die Cast Mount Plates as most suitable for the majority of applications. The die cast plates gives integral vertical adjustment by cam-action screw which complements the horizontal adjustment on the hinge itself