Salice Pressed Screw-On Mount Plates - B2V3H Series

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This budget pressed steel Mount Plate range does not offer any vertical adjustment to the hinge
other than the eliptic fixing slot.
Suitable for hinge ranges 200, 400, 700, 900, F & M.
Requires 3.5mm / 6g countersunk woodscrews (not supplied)
Available in four effective heights:
B2V3HS9 - -2mm - Typically used on speciality negative angle hinges
B2V3H09 - 0mm - Typically used for FULL and 1/4 Overlay applications.
B2V3H39 - 3mm - Typically used for FULL,1/4 and 1/2 Overlay applications.
B2V3H69 - 6mm - Typically used for INSET door applications.