Alexander and Wilks Camille Knurled Cupboard Pull Handle

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This Alexander and Wilks Camille Knurled Cabinet Pull Handle is a sleek and slim rectangular bar handle with a knurled circular grip on round bases with concealed fixings. Knurling handles have their roots in the industrial age, where knurling was used to create texture, improving grip and giving the T-bar handles a tactile feel. Now, knurling is fashionable for its look, but the practicality provided is an amazing bonus.

Available in three stunning finishes: Antique Brass, Dark Bronze PVD and Satin Brass PVD. 

Alexander and Wilks represent the very best of British-designed architectural hardware and ironmongery. Specialising in creating hand-crafted architectural hardware using both time-honoured craftsmanship skills, combined with the very latest computer-aided manufacturing, resulting in a collection of beautiful Britain’s finest ironmongery.

Supplied in SINGLES complete with fixings. 

  • Centres - 160mm
  • Overall Length - 175mm
  • Overall Bar Length - 170mm
  • Overall Projection - 40mm 
  • Bar Diameter - 15mm