Alexander and Wilks Circular Backplate

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The Alexander and Wilks Circular Backplate is designed to mix and match with our cupboard knobs. The backplate is available in a range of popular finishes to help you create a truly unique finish on your furniture. We have 6 modern finishes that are all Solid Brass and come in the finishes of antique bronze, burnished brass, black, polished chrome, polished nickel and satin brass.

Make your home feel more 'you', the option of interchangeable backplates gives you more control over the finish and style of your hardware for a personalised design with your home. It also provides the additional option to change the backplates if your style or finish preferences change in the future without having to completely overhaul your cabinet ironmongery.

Alexander & Wilks have curated the very best of British into one collection, allowing us to provide all types of ironmongery from traditional black forged and cast iron, through to the latest CNC machined, high polished modern finishes, combining natural and man-made textures.

Supplied in SINGLES.

Size Diameter Thickness
25mm 25mm 3mm
30mm 30mm 3mm
35mm 35mm 3mm
40mm 40mm 3mm


Antique Bronze


Burnished Brass

Polished Chrome

Polished Nickel

Satin Brass