Salice Complete Soft Close Buffer and Spacer

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Supplied pre-assembled, these Salice Smove soft close buffers and spacers are designed for In-Frame style kitchen cupboards, commonly used on Cooke & Lewis in-frame kitchens from B&Q. The buffer is supplied pre-fitted into the metal housing and mounted on to the plastic spacer, simply requiring to be screwed to the cabinet using the pre-mounted euro screws. 3 variants available:
  1. Orange Buffer (Most common) This is for when the buffer is fitted on the handle side of the cupboard
  2. Beige Buffer
  3. Grey Buffer (This is used when the buffer is mounted on the hinge side of the cupboard.

Please remove the metal cover cap to see what strength your existing buffer is, as all buffers are the same colour on the end. Only the body of the buffer is a different colour.