Salice Universal Silentia Soft Close Hinge 110° for GLASS Doors - CBG2AE9

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The Salice Universal Glass door hinges provide a solution to a number of applications that feature frameless glass doors.

Salice and Salice Direct will accept no responsibility for nay problems associated with the type of adhesive or method of application when used in conjunction with Series B Glass hinges, nor for any consequences of the incorrect mounting of the door. It is recommended that the selected adhesive is subjected to prior testing. The adhesive may be considered appropriate if the plate, when fixed to the glass, can sustain a minimum torsion load of 160 Nm.

The hinge plate must be attached to the glass door or mirror by a special adhesive. We recommend that this operation is carried out by a specialist company. For further information on adhesives and their application, please contact the adhesive manufacturer or your glass supplier.

No drilling is of the glass is required. 
Compatible with all traditional Series 200 mounting plates and
with all Domi snap-on mounting plates.

 Series B Info (PDF)

Sometimes this hinge may be stamped with BA2.